Send a bear to school and be part of a legacy of learning.  Bears to School uses uniformed bears in primary schools to give kids a new way to connect to lessons and events in the 2014-2018 centenary. We’re proud to support Bears to School.

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Army Shop offers Australian Army personnel, as well as our families, friends and supporters, a range of gifts and promotional products. These products are produced in accordance with the Australian Army Brand Manual. I am also proud to advise that 3% of all sales from Army Shop go to supporting our people through the Army Relief Trust Fund that provides loans and grants to Army personnel.
Lt. Gen. Angus J Campbell, DSC, AM
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Army Shop is a proud financial supporter of the Army Relief Trust Fund (ARTF) that was established in 1947 to provide benefits for soldiers who are serving or who have served in the Australian Army and their dependants. 3% of your purchase is donated to the ARTF to support our people. Find out more about the ARTF.


As part of the BrandNet Group we are one of Australia's biggest private donors to military-linked charities. Over the years BrandNet has given thousands of hours in support of organisations dedicated to improving the lives of current and former serving members and their families, and has donated more than $1 million in direct funding. We have also helped thousands of veteran organisations raise millions of dollars for their charities and have engaged millions of people in sharing our nation’s proud military history. We've got your back.