The Australian Army

We work with almost every area of Army, including Army Cadets, Army Reserves, Vietnam Veterans, the Royal Military College (RMC) Duntroon, Army recruiting, and most Army Units and Army Corps.

We stock Army ceremonial swords, and a massive range of Army gifts and collectables, such as our ground-breaking Rising Sun hat badge collection and a range of products including but not limited to the following insignia: 1 CDO REGT; RTB; ADF; ADFA; Defence Strategic Communications; AAPSYCH; RAA; RAAC; RAADC; RAAMC; RAANC; RAAOC; RACMP; RACT; RAE; RAEME; RAinf; RAR; RASigs; RMC; SASR.

We are committed to Army people and have to date donated more than $800,000 to veteran causes and we support initiatives for the Army Relief Trust Fund for serving members.